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A new Florida law requiring felons to pay back fees, fines and restitution before they can vote could block hundreds of thousands from the polls. LA Times
VOA VIEW: As they should.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his government would vote Sunday on the move, which could apply to nearly a third of the West Bank. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.
As the candidate courted nonwhite voters, employees of color were voicing their frustrations, according to interviews, documents and a recording. The campaign said it worked to foster a progressive workplace. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Buttigieg is a loser


The group, the Democratic Majority for Israel, will begin airing a negative campaign spot on Wednesday, as worries mount among moderate Democrats that Mr. Sanders could win the Iowa caucuses. New York Times
The White House has told airline executives that it is considering suspending flights from China to the United States amid the new coronavirus outbreak, CNBC reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter. Rueters
VOA VIEW: The WH should protect the nation.
As Buttigieg continues to receive little support among African American voters in national polling, he's getting more questions in Iowa.        USA Today
A former U.S. Customs and Border Protection watch commander in the Los Angeles area was ordered to serve 31 months in prison for operating an illegal gun-selling business and other crimes, federal prosecutors said. Wei Xu, 58, of Santa Fe Springs was sentenced by U.S. District ... Washington Times
President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team spends their final day of opening arguments as questions over new witnesses and new arguments remain up in the air. ABC
VOA VIEW: Bolton allegations are not credible.
The US failed to convince the prime minister to ban the Chinese firm from any involvement. BBC
VOA VIEW: UK is acting stupid.


The peace plan offers a Palestinian state but also hints at recognition of Israeli settlements. BBC
VOA VIEW: Palestine will not make peace.
U.S. Attorney General William Barr met with Jewish community leaders in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday, where he announced the Department of Justice would ramp up federal prosecutions for hate crimes targeting the Jewish community. CBS
VOA VIEW: As they should.
The Supreme Court has lifted a nationwide injunction against a policy targeting low-income immigrants. The "public charge" rule lets officials deny visas and green card applications from immigrants who rely -- or could rely -- on certain public benefits. CBS
VOA VIEW: A more sane ruling.
Stocks rose after the market's biggest sell-off in more than three months as investors grapple with lingering fears over the coronavirus. CNBC

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President Donald Trump's legal team finished its defense arguments on Tuesday, on its third day of arguments. CNBC
VOA VIEW: A smart move that made Dems look foolish.
That timeline is optimistic, U.S. health officials said. It could take a year or more before a vaccine is ready for sale to the public. CNBC
President Donald Trump on Tuesday appeared to congratulate his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, for shouting and cursing at a reporter for National Public Radio who had asked Pompeo questions about Ukraine. CNBC


Facebook on Tuesday unveiled its proposed bylaws for the company's so-called Supreme Court that can overturn content moderation decisions, but it's a fig leaf. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Facebook cannot be trusted.
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says Sen. Joni Ernst's (R-IA) comments about the impeachment testimony impacting Biden's chances in the state prove the real motivation behind Trump's attack on the former vice president and his son. CNN
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts Biden - he and his family profited by selling his influence.
Republican senators began Monday in a bad spot. They ended it feeling like they were in a better one, at least for now. What changed? A late-morning pep talk from Senate Majority Leader McConnell and a rousing argument from White House defense attorney Alan Dershowitz that gave many Republican senators the answer to the key question of the day: Why shouldn't John Bolton testify in the impeachment trial? CNN
VOA VIEW: It would be foolish to hear from Bolton.
White House counsel to senators: reject articles of impeachment Schiff says Trump’s lawyers ‘cannot defend president on facts’Help us cover the critical issues of 2020. Consider making a contribution 8.52pm GMT Angus King, an indpendent senator who caucuses with the Democrats, has downgraded his prediction for how many Republican senators will support calling new witnesses to testify in the impeachment trial.King said yesterday that he thought Democrats would win over more than four Republicans, which is the minimum needed to get the proposal approved. Guardian
VOA VIEW: The trial is a waste of time.
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday proposed creating a Palestinian state as part of a Middle East peace solution, drawing Palestinian condemnation for imposing strict conditions and for agreeing to let Israel maintain control of long-contested West Bank settlements. Reuters
VOA VIEW: The Palestinians would not be happy with any deal.

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Jordan said on Tuesday the only path to a comprehensive and lasting Middle East peace was the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based on land captured by Israel in a 1967 war, and with East Jerusalem as its capital. Reuters
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday proposed the creation of a Palestinian state with a capital on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Reuters
As restaurants nationwide add them to menus, plant-based "meats" are becoming increasingly popular in the United States -- where more than 40 percent of adults have eaten them at least once, a new survey showed Tuesday. UPI

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The U.S. Congressional Research Service says in a report Russia is evading international sanctions against North Korea following a Dec. 22 deadline that applies to North Korean workers. UPI
Amid a deadly global spread of coronavirus, Democratic presidential candidate and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveiled a health plan Tuesday she says would fight the spread of infectious diseases. UPI
VOA VIEW: Warren makes no sense.

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January 29, 2020

     Hopefully, no Republican is foolish to side with Dems.  President Donald Trump’s lawyers on Tuesday completed their arguments in the Senate impeachment trial, bringing to a quick end a defense that attempted to discredit the evidence gathered by House Democrats in their initial probe. The team used far fewer than its allotted 24 hours to make its case. Deputy White House Counsel Pat Philbin began the day attempting to refute the House Democrats’ “abuse of power” charge by questioning whether the House could judge the president’s motives.

     “How do we tell under the House managers’ standard what an illicit motive is, when there’s an illicit motive?” Philbin asked. “How are we supposed to get proof of what’s inside the president’s head?” Philbin also argued that House Democrats reliance on the testimony of White House officials to frame their case was flawed. Those officials testified during the House probe that a July 25 call between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in which Trump pressed his counterpart to announce an investigation into his Democratic rivals while withholding congressionally approved military aid was inappropriate.
     Trump “has the authority to set policies and make determinations regardless of what the staffers recommend,” Philbin said. The House voted last month to impeach Trump on articles of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress in relation to his dealings with Ukraine. Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow on Tuesday warned the Senate that “to lower the bar of impeachment” would weaken constitutional standards. He also said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to withhold the articles for a month after Trump’s impeachment contradicted the sense of urgency around the issue Democrats hoped to establish.